Apache: Big Data Europe 2016
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Monday, November 14

11:00 CET

Practical Graph Analytics with Apache Giraph - Roman Shaposhnik, Pivotal
This talk will help you build data mining and machine learning applications using Apache Giraph framework for graph processing. This talk is based on the "Practical Graph Analytics with Apache Giraph" book trying to be as hands-on as possible. Apache Giraph offers a simple yet flexible programming model targeted to graph algorithms and designed to scale easily to accommodate massive amounts of data. Originally developed at Yahoo!, Giraph now enjoys a diverse community of contributors from who's-who of Silicon Valley companies: Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter.

avatar for Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik

Director of Open Source, Linux Foundation
Apache Software Foundation and Data, oh but also unikernels

Monday November 14, 2016 11:00 - 11:50 CET
Giralda VI/VII

12:00 CET

Graph Processing with Apache Tinkerpop on Apache S2Graph - Doyung Yoon, Kakao Corp.
Since the last conference, Apache S2Graph community has been working on the integration with Apache Tinkerpop. Tinkerpop users are now able to use S2Graph as graph database without changing their Thinkerpop code, and also execute OLAP graph queries over their data in HDFS. We will share our experiences to integrate Thinkerpop as a graph database API, and comment on our current limitations and future plans. We will also present the benchmark results showing the comparison between S2Graph and existing graph databases such as Neo4j, Titan, and OrientDB. We focus our benchmarks on the "neighbors of neighbors" queries and the basic CRUD operations. Similar to Titan, S2Graph supports multiple storage backends, such as HBase, Cassandra, Mysql, Postgresql, and RocksDB, and the S2Graph's performance for each backend will be presented.

avatar for Doyung Yoon

Doyung Yoon

Software Engineer, Kakao
Doyung works in a distributed graph database team at Kakao as software engineer, where his focus is on performance and usability. He developed Apache S2Graph, an open-source distributed graph database, and has previously presented it at ApacheCon BigData Europe and ApacheCon BigData... Read More →

Monday November 14, 2016 12:00 - 12:50 CET
Giralda VI/VII

13:00 CET

Apache S2Graph (incubating) as a User Event Hub - Hyunsung Jo, Daewon Jeong & Hwansung Yu, Kakao Corp.
S2Graph is a graph database designed to handle transactional graph processing at scale.

Its API allows you to store, manage and query relational information using edge and vertex representations in a fully asynchronous and non-blocking manner.

However, at Kakao Corp., where the project was originally started, we believe that it could be so much more.

There have been efforts to utilize S2Graph as the centerpiece of Kakaoäó»s event delivery system taking advantage of its strengths such as

- flexibility of seamless bulk loading, AB testing, and stored procedure features,

- multitenancy that allows interoperability among different services within the company,

- and most of all, the ability to run various operations ranging from basic CRUD to multi-step graph traversal queries in realtime with large volumes.

avatar for Daewon Jeong

Daewon Jeong

Programmer, kakao
Works on S2Graph team
avatar for Hyunsung Jo

Hyunsung Jo

Seoul-based developer interested in large scale data systems and cloud computing. Currently, working as a data systems developer at Kakao Corp., Korea with open source projects such as Apache S2Graph (incubating) and Druid among others. Previous work experience include software... Read More →

Hwansung Yu

Developer interested in LBS services and large scale data systems.

Monday November 14, 2016 13:00 - 13:50 CET
Giralda VI/VII