Apache: Big Data Europe 2016
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Dzmitry Pletnikau

Unicity Intl
Growing up in Belarus, Dzmitry developed an early interest in natural sciences and computer programming. After receiving a degree in Physics, Dzmitry chose to freelance as a programmer. Five years later he settled as a Software Architect at Unicity, in Utah.

Dzmitry is responsible for moving the enterprise from 20-year-old systems into the 21st century with no downtime and no interruptions. He is breaking the Cobol-based monolith into services-based architecture, having to integrate old and new systems. Dzmitry also designed and is implementing a growing set of RESTful APIs hiding the infrastructure complexity from web- and mobile-developers.

In 2016: Dzmitry talked about SOA- and microservices- patterns for a local startup; in a separate talk he shared his experience using Docker to manage services; Dzmitry also presented to UVU students about the opportunities in the STEM-field.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, November 14

17:30 CET